Partneriaeth Ogwen Vision


The vision of Partneriaeth Ogwen over the next 3 years is to continue creating a community and a resilient organisation that operates innovatively for the benefit of the communities of Dyffryn Ogwen.

We will do this by:
• Strengthening the foundations of the organisation by increasing our staffing competence to provide services and projects of the highest quality
• Protect and create new income streams
• Strengthen our internal policies and procedures to protect our staff and volunteers.
• Prioritising projects that create economic, environmental, cultural benefit and social, with a focus on transferring community assets, buying new assets to generate income and projects that make our community more durable and resilient.

Our projects will create community, cultural, community and economical benefit for Dyffryn Ogwen. We do that by developing refurbishment projects in response to our community needs and for the benefit of our community. Our priorities are,

i) Establishing plans and initiatives under community ownership such as Ynni Ogwen
ii) Develop and run innovative projects that respond to the specific needs of our community and brings environmental, economic, cultural or social benefit
iii) Take opportunities to buy and develop community assets to keep them under local ownership and for the benefit of our community
iv) Develop sustainable projects that support the circular and local economy
v) Running projects that prevent poverty and promote the well-being of our community

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Page updated: 07/05/24

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