Ynni Ogwen

Ynni Ogwen Cyf is a community benefit association that operates for the environmental and social benefit of Dyffryn Ogwen.

Ynni Ogwen

Partneriaeth Ogwen was responsible for developing the Ynni Ogwen hydro scheme in its early years. This included leading a group of community volunteers to develop a business plan, planning and water extraction applications, feasibility studies, and fundraising through a community share scheme. Considerable time was invested to support the development of the scheme and Ynni Ogwen Cyf was established as an independent legal entity in 2015. The constitution of Ynni Ogwen Cyf is that they create community benefit through:

(a) Support the activity of Partneriaeth Ogwen (company registration number 08430083) and community and charitable activity in Bethesda and neighboring communities.
(b) Develop and implement a renewable energy project or projects and other community benefit projects.

We continue to work closely with Ynni Ogwen, with Ynni Ogwen leading on energy production projects and Partneriaeth Ogwen leading on developing wider environmental projects such as green transport, community growing, preventing fuel poverty etc.

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Contact Name Ynni Ogwen
Address 26 High Street, Bethesda, LL57 3AE
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